Gasparee Caves & Biscayen Bay

Gasparee Caves & Biscayen Bay

Gasparee Cave and Biscayen Beach on Sunday 31st March 2019.

Gasparee Cave’s situated at Point Baleine on the northwestern end of Gaspar Grande Island is Trinidad’s number one visitor's attraction. What makes the cave, so appealing is its unique translucent blue pond, located in the centre with depths between 10-20 feet. Through an underground source, seawater emerges into the cave to form a crystal clear swimming pool. The island is very dry and the average rainfall per annum is less than 40 inches.

The Island’s geological features consist primary of sedimentary rocks of limestone formed under the sea from a composition of coral, oolites, seashells and other marine creatures. The cave originated from water droplets of carbon dioxide, which dissolved the limestone into crystals of calcium carbonate. This chemical formula known as CaCO3 is a compound of calcium, carbon, and oxygen. Over time, the accumulations of crystals created stalagmites, which extend upward from the floor, and stalactites, which extend downward from the roof. Those that stem all the way from the ceiling to the ground are known as pillars. Some of the crystals transformed themselves into unusual shapes, and some resemble a dinosaur head, a chandelier, two lovers hugging and even flowers.

There is a lot of history that surrounds Gaspar Grande Island. In 1783, Governor Don Jose Maria Chacon granted the island to Gaspar De Percin Roque to plant cotton. At Point Baleine during the period’s 1826 to1864, there was a flourishing whaling station. However, when the whaling industry declined, Mr.Cannings of the Queens Park Hotel acquired the land and built a luxurious hotel. During World War 11 (1939-1945) the United States of America leased the islands of the North-western Peninsula to set up a defence against enemy attack. Placed strategically on the highest point (399 feet) of Gasparee and overlooking the cave are the large tank-like guns.

The Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) presently manages the cave and conducts daily tours to the Island. The cave refurbished with electricity to accommodate visitors and there is a staircase to descend into its chamber. Along the concrete footpath, leading to the entrance positioned are educational & directional signs. After the tour, the group sails to Monas Island to spend the day on Biscayen Beach. On Sunday 31st March 2019 Island Hikers explore Gasparee Caves.

Assembly: 7 am at KFC Carpark, West Mall.

Depart by 7.45 am to Chagaramas

Advance booking is not required and registration on the morning of the hike.

Cost for adults $200.00, Children 11& under $140. Please note there is an extra $20 gate entrance fee.

Estimated finish time: 2- 4 pm

The cost includes the boat trips to 1.Gasparee Island, 2. CDA guided tour of the cave and trip to Biscayen Beach on Monas Island.

Bring along: 1-2 litres of water, two thirst quencher drinks, a hat for sunshade, sandwiches and snacks, 

For details contact Mario: 749-2956, Jamal 761- 1889, Marcia 490-2421 or

Gasparee caves

Gasparee caves