Valleys of D Northern Range

Valleys of D Northern Range

The Valleys of the Northern Range on Sat 11th May’2019

“The Valleys of the Northern Range" is a one-way expedition, which begins at the Guanapo Quarry and ends at the Spring Bridge in Blanchisseuse. The distance is approximately 30km and depending on one’s pace it will take an enthusiastic hiker between 5 to 8 hours to complete. The expedition is a test of one’s fitness and recommended for advanced hikers or trained athletic persons experienced in walking long distances. The course can be divided into 4 legs and the various valleys are linked by bench trails, built during the 18th and 19th Century when cocoa was the chief produce. The bench trails were significant forest roads use to transport and connect the various plantations. Along the route, the highest elevation is (2225 feet or 678 metres) located on the mountain crest that divides Brasso Seco/Paria to the north and Lalaja to the south. The area is a crossroad where foot-trails lead to some of the highest peaks El Cerro Del Aripo (940m) to the east and Mt Bleu (852m) to the west. 

 During the expedition, wildlife is usually camouflage and not easily seen, however at altitudes of (200-600m), one can hear the call of the Bearded Bellbird “tonk –tonk” repeating every few seconds. Another bird perched on the forest floor with a rasping cheeow call is the White-bearded Manakin. The adult males make a snapping call by flicking their secondaries to impress a female. Overlooking Lalaja and Brasso Seco, the Channel-billed Toucan is sometimes seen high up in the treetops, they are attracted to the date palms. They make a loud Ki-aarh sound and pluck stone fruits with a hard shell. At Paria Beach, one may be lucky to see the first turtle hatchlings emerging from the sand. Unfortunately, when the hatchlings emerge during the day, the black vultures are waiting in the treetops to massacre them. 

Valley 1: Guanapo Valley to Lalaja (1 ½ - 2 hours)

The direction from the Guanapo Quarry is north alongside the river. After 40 minutes the trail descends to the river, and surprisingly in the middle of the forest, there is a fallen road sign that says Sombasson Trace. This area is within the close approximation of 100metres from the mouth of the Guanapo Gorge. The route continues uphill through the forest to a citrus orchard where a steep estate road leads to the top of Lalaja South Trace. The elevation at this point is 572m and in the distance a panoramic view of the Guanapo Valley. Sadly the beauty of the Guanapo Mountain Range is slowly disappearing by extensive quarrying.

Valley 2: Lalaja to Brasso Seco (1 ½ hour)

Lalaja is a small agriculture settlement situated in the hills, 11km northeast of Arima. The journey continues east along the Lalaja Main Road and turns left into Lalaja Paria Trace to a crossroad at the top of the ridge. From the top, the trail descends for a further 3km to Brasso Seco /Paria Village.

Valley 3: Brasso Seco to Paria Bay (2 1/2-3 hours)

Valley 3: Brasso Seco to Paria Bay (2 1/2-3 hours)

The expedition starts from the Brasso Seco RC Church and continues for 12km through the heart of the forest to Paria Bay. The course is mostly flat with some mild inclines.

Valley 4: Paria Bay To Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge (2 hours).

The final 7km leg from Paria Bay to Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge is along the ever-popular coastal trail located at the western end of the beach. Along the way, to popular landmarks to enjoy the magnificent coastal sceneries are Cathedral Rock and Turtle Rock.

On Saturday 11th May 2019 Fitness Walkers expedition of “The Valleys of the Northern Range.”

Assembly: 5.30am at Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt.Hope.

Rating: 8 challenging and recommended for experienced hikers and training athletic persons.

Estimated Hiking time 5-8 hours

Text your name to pre-register, so adequate transportation provided: Cost $160.00 includes 1. Maxi Transport to Guanapo Quarry and return from Blanchisseuse 

For bookings and details contact Mario 749-2956 or visit