L'eau Michel Beach & Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano

L'eau Michel Beach & Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano

Digity and Bunsee Trace Mud Volcanoes & L’eau Michel Beach 

 The geological structure of Trinidad is continental in Nature, and the topography of the south is different from that of the north. The Northern Range consists of Jurassic rocks made up of phyllites, quartzites, and limestone whereas, in the south, the rock structure is referred to as argillite and composes of Herrera sands, grey silty clays, and lignite beds. These types of rock lead to the formation of mud volcanoes and buried within the burnt clays or porcellanites are oil deposits.

   Two noteworthy mud-volcanoes located in the Southern Region, and in close approximation to the Penal Rock Road, each with its own unique characteristics. The first is the Digity Volcano located at Digity Trace on Old Clarke Road. At an altitude of 6 metres, it is the tallest in the country and has an upside-down cone shape. The second is the Bunsee Trace or L’eau Michel Volcano located 4km south inside Bunsee Trace and just of the Penal Rock Road. Unlike Digity this has a vast basin covering an area of an acre and the mud spills or tassik is circular and semi-solid. The mudflow emerging from the Bunsee Volcano flows horizontally and surfacing out of its active vents are air bubbles. Its cone is wide and round rather than high. 

       Recently the Ministry of Community Development pitched the road leading to the Bunsee Volcano and made the area a recreational site. Visitors frequent the area to picnic and at the same time enjoy the fascinating experience of a mud bath. At the entrance to the volcano, there is a tall hog plum tree, which acts as a landmark. The terrain at Bunsee Trace consists of rolling hills with gentle inclines, and the ground has a sticky type of clay called Sapata. The vegetation is mainly hectares of teak plantations however at one-time sugarcane was extensively cultivated in the area. Further south on the Bunsee Trace Dirt Road a 30 minutes walk will lead to L’eau Michel Beach (pronounced La Moshell). The beach provides a good opportunity to refresh and rinse off the mud from those bathing in the volcano.

On Sunday 26th May 2019 Island Hikers visit Digity and Bunsee Trace Mud Volcanoes and L’eau Michel Beach.

Assembly: 6.30am Eric Williams Medical complex Mt.Hope

Depart at 7.30am

or 8.00 am the end of Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, Golconda Road exit.

Rating: 3 fair

Hiking time to beach 30 mins.

For details contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490 2421 or Jamal 761-1889 or islandhikers.com

Optional Maxi taxi transportation available please call Jamal to book

Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano

Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano