Lower North Oropouche River Adventure

Lower North Oropouche /Valencia River

Lower North Oropouche River Adventure on Sunday 2nd February 2020

The Valencia River located 5km from the town, on the Valencia /Toco Bypass Road is a popular destination for weekend cookouts and river-limes. At its upper course, it is called the North Oropouche and it is essential in providing water to the people of Valencia, Sangre Grande and environments. Its source comes from the limestone region of Aripo, and it submerges through the mountains to resurface at the oilbird cave in Cumaca. Along its bed, the deposit of calcium carbonate filters the water to create crystal clear pools and fascinating rock formations. Exploring upstream is mind-blowing and the river transforms itself into utopia with breath-taking sceneries. The rocks along its course moulded with deposits of limestone sediments provide a safe grip for trekking. The vegetation in the forest overtaken by tall mora and growing prominently are the thousand of seedlings. The seeds, which resemble a giant red bean, fall during the month of November and germinate by February.

                  There is a lot of history that surrounds Valencia. Located 12km (7.3 miles) from Arima the area was once an estate owned by a Spanish Planter named Valentia where the town inherited his name.  At the entrance to the community, there are two concrete pillars built by the Americans, during World War 11 (1941) they represented an entry point to the Cumuto Base. On the western end of the community, there is a Visitor’s Center constructed by the Ministry of Tourism to develop ecotourism in the area. The Center provides valuable information on Trinidad’s natural attractions, flora and fauna. Because of its close approximate to the Northern Range, it can best be described as a place of many rivers and within its boundaries are the North Oropouche River, the Turure River, the Quare River and the Sieva River.

             The exploration starts at the Valencia Bridge and the upstream walk along the riverbed is 2km. The river widens, and the splendour of nature is at its finest with magnificently shaped pools and Jacuzzis. The hike is suitable for anyone who has a spirit of adventure. Please note crossing the river requires one to get wet and life jacket provided.  

On Sunday 2nd February 2020, Island Hikers explore the hidden pools of the Valencia / Lower North Oropouche River.

Assembly: 7 am Corner of O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Depart at 8 am to Valencia Bridge

Rating: 3 fair

Hike Starting Location: Valencia Bridge

Hiking distance 2km upstream and requires getting wet. 

Please note life jackets provided but you can bring your own.

Bring along a change of clothing and a waterproof pouch for electronic items.

Hiking time: 1hr along river-course.

Finish 12 pm

For more details visit www.islandhikers.com or call Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490-2421 or Jamal 761-1889