Anse Paoua to Scotland Bay


Scotland Bay to Anse Paoua on Sunday 24th February 2019 

A cosy little beach located at the tip of the Dragon’s Mouth is Anse Paoua Bay. Situated around the coast, 3km west of Scotland Bay, it’s calm and sheltered waters makes the bay a favourite destination for beach-goers as well as a perfect spots for yachts to anchor. These beaches located at the end of the North Western Peninsula are sometimes referred to as “Down D Islands" since they are only accessible by boat. 

The Scotland Bay Region managed by the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) and together with the assistance of groups they organise regular beach cleanups. 

There is a lot of fascinating history surrounding Scotland Bay and up until 1941, the area housed residents. Its strategic location caused the British Government to lease the land for 99 years to the United States Government. During World War11 {1939-1945} the area used as a Naval Base and stationed there were as many as 30,000 troops. At the Military Post, the Americans built recreational facilities, which consisted of a hall, tennis and basketball court, a football field and a zoo. At one time, it was possible to drive from Tetron to Scotland Bay, but the road is now destroyed by erosion and overgrowth. Today all that is left of the Barracks are some dilapidated concrete structures, and there is little evidence that an Army Base existed there. However, still preserved is its natural coastal scenery and soothing seaside ambience. 

The seaside walk to Anse Paoua Bay begins around the coast from Scotland Bay. The journey, which is one-way, takes approximately 35 minutes to reach the beach. The track situated alongside the shoreline rises and descends to cross several bays. Noticeable are the campers who occupy these small inlets to picnic and bubble their pots. However many of them leave their garbage causing pollution to these beautiful beaches. The Manchineel Trees, which grow in some areas of the shoreline, release poisonous milky latex. When passing close to these trees caution required since their water droplets can cause distress to the skin and eyes. 

On Sunday 24thFebruary 2019 Island Hikers explore the coastal beaches from Scotland Bay to Anse Paoua.

Assembly: 7.00am KFC Westmall Carpark.

Registration on the morning of the hike: Adults $140.00 Kids $100

For details contact Mario 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889, Marcia 4902421 or