Yarra Gorge

Yarra Gorge River Adventure

The Yarra Gorge and river adventure  

The Yarra River located on the North Coast acts as a boundary separating the villages of La Fillette and Blanchisseuse. It provides water to these remote villages. The name Yarra is an Amerindian word that means “ever-flowing” and it refers to the river unbroken energy. Its source originates from two major tributaries, one from the Limon River in Morne La Croix and the other from the Northern side of Mt El Tucuche Watershed. It flows northwesterly through uncharted territory and reaches the coast at Yarra Bay. At its mouth, the river is calm, and the secluded seafront is a favourite spot for a beach lime.

At its upper course, the kinetic energy of the water has eroded the granite bands of rock to form a gorge. The erosion of the river course occurs through four main methods. 

1.    “Solution” is the process whereby the river water dissolves some of the minerals in rocks and soil. 

2.    “Abrasion” is another process by which material carried by the river erodes the bed and banks. 

3.    “Hydraulic Action” is the force of the river water wearing away the bed and banks. 

4.    “Attrition” is another method in which stones transported downstream are thrown against each other and gradually worn away.  

Over time the landform is cut into a narrow, steep-sided, V-shaped valley, on the slopes of each bend interlocking spurs jut out from the sides. The clean filtered water is one of the finest in the Northern Range and the rocks are elegantly carved into fascinating shapes.

The journey to access the top of the Gorge starts with a trek through the intricate Yarra Forest to the upper part of the river. The route is downstream to a point where the Limon and Yarra tributaries join. The confluence is a welcoming spot to relax and re-group for the exploration. The entrance to the gorge located just a few metres ahead. There is an optional forest trail that one can use to bypass the gorge since it requires some swimming and paddling through fallen debris.

Please note life-jackets provided and requires getting wet. Bring along an extra change of clothing and a waterproof.

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Fitness Walkers exploration of the Yarra River  

Rating: 4moderate  

Hiking time for expedition 5-6 hours 

Assembly:  730am Sam’s Bar Maracas Bay.

For details contact Mario: 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889, Marcia 490-2421 or visit the website