Chancellor to Maracas Bay

Chancellor to Maracas Bay

Fitness Walkers one-way trek from Chancellor to Maracas Bay on Saturday 27th April 2019 

 The expedition over the mountains to Maracas Bay begins with a gradual climb to St Anns Peak and then a descent on the Hololo Mountain Extention Road to the Santa Cruz Valley. The journey continues over the Santa Cruz Gasparillo Hills to Maracas Bay. The estimated distance is 25 kilometres and it takes 5-8 hours to complete the journey. The course is divided into two legs.  The 1st leg is from Lady Chancellor to Santa Cruz and the highest elevation is St Anns peak with an altitude of 620 metres. The trek to the summit of St Anns Peak is 10km and starts from the bottom of Lady Chancellor Road. At the end of the Chancellor pitch road, the trail continues through the forest along the Fondes Amande Ridge to the Peak. Along the way, spectacular views of Port-of-Spain, Cascade, Lady Young, Chancellor, and the once known Paradise Estate or Queen’s Park Savannah. During the dry season, the St Ann’s region is vulnerable to bushfires and planted along the hilltops are pines trees for the purpose to preserve and at the same time beautify the landscape. The pine trees, which are fire resistant, also assist in the prevention of soil erosion.

  St. Ann’s Peak located northeast of the capital, on the Hololo Mountain Road is the highest landmark overlooking the city of Port of Spain.  All trails coming from Chancellor, Aripita and Hololo lead to the summit of St Anns Peak. Its majestic and sacred appearance can be seen from miles around. At the summit there is a landmark concrete trig however, its historical significance goes back to the days of cocoa when Santa Cruz known as the Holy Cross Valley comprise of estates. These plantations called Pastora, Cantaro, Gasparillo, Little Couroucaye and Grand Couroucaye transported their agriculture produce over the Hololo Mountains and St Anns Peak. At the time to pass over the rugged hills of the Saddle or La Silla was long and arduous. Therefore the Mt Hololo Road was a preferred route to the city and still remaining in the forest are some old concrete mileposts. In 1852, the Colonial Government granted improvements to the roads in Santa Cruz, and a passageway constructed through the craggy terrain of La Silla. The hiking time to Santa Cruz is 3-4 hours and the first leg of the journey ends by the Bridge on the Hololo Extention Road where participants are asked to re-group and given for the continuation of the journey are light refreshments. 


 Leg 2 of the expedition is from Santa Cruz to Maracas Bay and the estimated hiking time is 2-3 hours or depending on one's pace. The trek continues from the Mt.Hololo Extension Road in Santa Cruz via Santa Barbara Boulevard to Gasparillo Road and over the hills to the beach.

Fitness Walkers one-way trek from Chancellor to Maracas Bay on Saturday 27th April 2019 

Estimated hiking time: 6-8 hours depending on one’s pace.

Assembly: 6.00am at the Bottom of Lady Chancellor Road. The trek starts at 7.00am

Finishing Location: Maracas Bay Hotel

Maxi pickup from Maracas Bay starts from 2 pm

Rating: 7 challenging

Vehicle parking opposite white hall, Zoo Carpark or Ellerslie Mall

The cost of the hike: $120.00 includes return transportation and light refreshment

Note: Please bring at least a litre of water. Long pants preferred since trail may have razor grass. Put a change of clothing in the Maxi.

For details contact Marcia 490 242, Jamal 761- 1889, Mario749-2956 or