Avocar Waterfall

Avocar Waterfall

The Marianne River located in the dreamy village of Blanchisseuse is a fascinating place to enjoy some exciting river adventures. There is a lot of rich history that surrounds Blanchisseuse with its seascape mesmerized by a high wall of mountains, pristine forest, and sandy beaches. On the eastern end of the district, a familiar landmark is the Spring Bridge, which in 1952 relocated from Manzanilla to Blanchisseuse. Recently the bridge refurbished to facilitate foot-traffic, and it’s historical significance recognised. The river has always been significant to the villagers of Blanchisseuse, and that’s how the place got its name. The English Surveyor Frederick Mallet saw the women washing their clothes in the river and called the community “Ladies River.” Later the French referred to the place as Blanchisseuse meaning “Washer Woman.” The river's mouth with its calm and soothing waters is now a favorite spot for river limes and an ideal place for kayaking. Further upstream two destinations with a bucket-load of fun are Avocar Falls and Three Pools. 

                     Up until 1931, the Blanchisseuse community remained isolated from the rest of Trinidad and the only way to reach there was by the weekly island ferry. The construction of the Arima, Blanchisseuse Road allowed the first access to the village and in 1970’s the Maracas North Coast Road extended for a further 18 miles to Blanchisseue. In 1869, the explorer Charles Kingsley was the first Englishman to make his way through the forest to visit Blanchisseuse. Another landmark is the Roman Catholic Church “Our Lady of Mt Carmel" built in 1835.  One of the church bells donated by the British in 1835 originated from Bristol, England while the other came from Lyon France in 1878. A prominent person born in Blanchisseuse was Sir Solomon Hochoy, who became the first local Governor in 1960 and Governor General in 1962.

                      The expedition to the waterfall starts from the Avocar Village located 3km from the village on the Arima, Blanchisseuse Road. Secure vehicle parking is available at the residence of Pops a friendly villager who facilitate visitors. The short 30-minute walk is alongside the riverbank, and the trail crosses the river several times, in shallow areas below the knee. Avocar Falls located in a concealed tributary and to access there is a short hill to ascend from the main river. At the base of the falls, there is a lovely pool to refresh. The landscape encircled by huge boulders, which add brilliance to the already spectacular scenery. For details contact Mario: 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889, Marcia 4902421 or www. Islandhikers.com.

Island Hikers visit Avocar Waterfall.

Assembly#1: 7 am depart by 730am at the entrance to Central Bank Auditorium.

 If required, please call Mario to book maxi-taxi transport from Port of Spain.

Assembly#2: 730am depart by 815am at Sam’s Bar located at the end of Maracas Beach.

Rated: 4 moderate uphill trek to Avocar Falls with downstream river return / Optional 2 easy walk to 3Pools only

Registration is on the morning of the hike $60.00.

Secure parking is available at Marianne Beach Resort $15.00

For details contact Mario: 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889, Marcia 4902421 or www. Islandhikers.com.