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COSTA RICA from 30/10/19 - 5/11/19

Dates & Flight Booked

CM 315 30/10/19 POS-PTY

CM 795 30/10/19 PTY-SJO

CM145 5/11/19 SJO-PTY 

CM314 5/11/19 PTY-POS

Costa Rica is a destination for adventure 


La Paz waterfall

Poas Volcano

River rafting

Ziplinning (12 long lines) 


horseback riding 


Upcoming Overseas Tours

Jamaica Carnival Weekend ..Thur 28th Feb to Tues 5th March 2019

Jamaica Tour..Cost $9000 includes transportation, hotel, accommodation and tours

1. Blue Mountain 

2.Dunns River &  Ohco Rios Mystic Montain

3. Bob Marley Museum

4. Negril Beach. 

5.YS Waterfall. 

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