Turure Watersteps

Turure Watersteps

Turure River exploration on Saturday 26th January 2019

The Turure River with its multi-steps of appealing waterfalls is an ecological gem. Visitors are usually blown-away by its exquisite natural beauty. Its source originated from the limestone region of Platanal and deposited along its bed are layers of sedimentary rock. The river is a nature lover’s delight filled with Jacuzzi-like pools and picturesque cascades. The bed of rock along its course magnificently carved into natural water-steps, which ascend to a sequence of captivating chutes. The river’s main attraction is its long horizontal falls, which resembles a curtain as the water tumbles down the rocks. At the bottom of the falls, there is a plunge pool, and the polished rock surface provides favourable conditions for rappelling. Exploring the river further upstream there are more attractive gems to discover and there is a small cave concealed at the back of one of the fall’s overhang. 

The first part of the expedition is to get to the top of the Riverhead where the source originates. The journey starts from the Turure Bridge along the dirt road to the top of the mountain where there is a landmark cross. A trail positioned on the left leads down in the valley to the river. 

Along the riverbed, the calcium carbonate deposits provide additional traction and make the rocks less slippery to walk on. The serenity of the forest comes alive with the courtship display of the white-bearded manakin (manacus manacus trinitatis) and the echoing sound of the bearded bellbird (Procnias averano carnobarba). In recent times, loose silt from extensive quarrying caused pollution to the nearby streams resulting in landslides and endangerment to wildlife.

On Saturday 26th January 2019, Fitness Walkers explore the Turure River. For more details visit www.Islandhikers.com or call Marcia: 490-2421, Jamal: 761-1889 and Mario: 749-2956.

Assembly: 7 am Corner of Omeara Road & Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima. (Next to the Doubles vendors)

Hike Starting location: A circuit-hike from the Turure Bridge along the road to the Quarry & Cross and then down the river. 

Rating: 5 moderately challenging. 

Please note: Exploring the river entails some climbing down waterfalls and rugged terrain.

Estimated Hiking time of trip: 4-5 hours