Turure Watersteps

Turure Watersteps

Turure Watersteps 

               A place with a series of fascinating waterfalls is the Turure Watersteps. Located in the evergreen valley of Cumaca, the river source is from the limestone region of Platanal. Along the riverbed are layers of sedimentary rock deposited over time by the energetic force of the river. The place is a nature lover’s delight filled with Jacuzzi-like pools and picturesque waterfalls. Along its bed, the rocks are magnificently carved into a glamorous design of natural water-steps. , Further upstream, along the river channel, the landscape has changed into a series of captivating chutes and basins. The main attraction of the river is the scenic horizontal falls, which resembles a curtain when the overflow of water descends along its bedrock. At its base, there is a plunge pool, and the falls provide a safe and fun opportunity for rock climbing. Exploring beyond the main cascade there are other fascinating jewels to discover, and there is even a small cave situated under one of the falls overhangs. The best time to visit Turure is during the rainy season when the water pressure is more powerful and the numerous water-steps are in their full splendor. 

                     The exploration starts from the Turure Bridge, in Cumaca situated 3km from the Valencia Toco Road. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the first set of limestone pavements. The trail, which is, situated parallel to the river, crosses its path on several occasions. In some places, in order to access higher upstream, it requires walking through the river at shallow levels. The dominant vegetation is mainly towering Mora and growing alongside the banks are some lush Maraval Lilies. The trek is mainly flat except there is one short hill to ascend, The calcium carbonate deposits on some of the rocks provide grips and make them more manageable for walking and less slippery. The serenity of the forest comes alive with the courtship display of the white-bearded manakin (manacus manacus trinitatis) and the echoing sound of the bearded bellbird (procnias averano carnobarba). In recent times, loose silt from extensive quarrying has caused river pollution leading to landslides and endangerment of wildlife. 

On Independence Day Saturday 31st August 2019, Island Hikers visit the Turure Water Steps. For more details visit www.Islandhikers.com or call Marcia: 490-2421, Jamal: 761-1889 and Mario: 749-2956.

Assembly: 7 am Corner of O’meara Road & Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima. (next to the Doubles vendors )

Depart 7.45am

Starting location: From Valencia Junction drive east on the Valencia / Toco Road for 3km to the Cumaca Road. Turn left on the Cumaca Road and head north for 4km to the Turure Bridge.

Rating: 3 fair 

Hiking time: 30 minutes to water steps

The hike is suitable for small kids 5 years and older