Double River Falls

Double River Falls

Double River Falls on Sunday 10th March 2019

The village of Brasso Seco masked within the distant valleys of the Northern Range is a destination worth discovering. Its pristine landscape is a haven for nature lovers. Situated 16 miles northeast of Arima, the gateway to this wonderland begins at the 12-mile marker on the Arima, Blanchiseuse Road. Its landscape enclosed by some of T&T’s highest peaks El Cerro Del Aripo (940metres) and Mt Bleu (853metres) and within its boundaries, there are as many as eleven waterfalls. The evergreen forest provides a sanctuary for a variety of wildlife including the red brocket deer, ocelot, tayra or high-woods dog and the quenk or wild hog. Many exotic birds frequent the Brasso woodland such as a variety of hummingbirds, tanagers, honeycreepers, toucans, bellbirds, trogons, golden-headed and white-bearded manakins. 

        The name "Brasso Seco" is a Spanish word when translated means "dry-branch”. Today, just like in the 1800s & 1900’s a variety of crops including cocoa, coffee, and citrus is still cultivated. There are approximately 350 residents in the village and there is an RC Church, School, Health Centre and a Visitor's Information Centre. Brasso Seco was virtually unknown to the rest of Trinidad until the fatal plane crash of sports champion and war hero "Marvelous Mikey" Cipriani on 3rd June 1934. His body later recovered deep in the forest on the outskirts of the community in an area called El Chiquero.

A major attraction located 4-miles east from the Town Center is the Double River Falls. The walk to get there will take 40-minutes and is along the Madamas Dirt Road. The pathway is mostly flat with short inclines and in some areas water draining from the hilltops cause the trail to be muddy. Cultivated along the slopes are lush christophene plantations, which add splendour to the wild scenery. At the entrance to the falls, there is a confluence of two small tributaries, which compliments the name Double River. The falls situated 100 metres upstream in a concealed location drop 89 feet high into a shallow basin. Its perimeter surrounded by large boulders and evergreen vegetation. 

Higher above the falls, there are a series of undisclosed cascades, the most mysterious is the Laughing Budda Falls. Coming from another tributary a short walk higher up the mountain will lead to Sobo Falls. 

In Brasso Seco, there is always some exciting cascade, river or mountain to explore. Visitors are always welcome to come and enjoy the peaceful ambience, and marvellous countryside. Available at the Visitors Centre, are freshly squeezed juices, delicious pastels, homemade cakes, sweets and ice cream.

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On Sunday 10th March 2019 Island Hikers visit Double River Falls in Brasso Seco,

Assembly: 7.00am at the Corner of O'Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Rating: 3 Fair (Family Hike)

Hiking time one–way: 45- 60 mins

Cost of the hike $60.00

Registration is on the morning of the expedition.

For more details contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490-2421, Jamal 761-1889 or visit