Rio Seco Waterfall

Rio Seco Waterfall

Rio-Seco Waterfall located on the northeastern coast between the communities of Matura & Balandra is one of T&T’s national treasures. The falls is only accessible by hiking and the semi-pitched road, which leads to the start of the trail, is situated opposite to the Salybia Bridge. What makes it so appealing is its deep, wide, spacious basin that reflects a vibrant colour of emerald green. It’s picturesque landscape enhanced by a backdrop of towering Mora Forest. It is one of the best places for outdoor recreation with its cool, pristine waters. Adventure seekers will have fun escalating the rocks and jumping fifteen feet into its energizing pool. Visitors should exercise caution and bring along some safety equipment since a few metres into the pool the water covers one head.  

 Rio Seco is a Spanish word when translated means Dry River, yet it seems ironic how this never-ending supply of water can be classified as a dry-river. However, further upstream where its bed consists of porous limestone the water submerges and some areas become dry. A fascinating occurrence located at the mouth on one of its tributaries is the natural sulfur springs, which are yellow sulfuric deposits, oozing from the rocks. Approximately 2 kilometres before it reaches the coast at Saline Bay, the Rio Seco flows into the larger Salybia River to create a confluence. 

             The walk to the falls will take approximately 35-minutes and is along a wide-open pathway. The trail positioned at the top of the riverbank is sometimes muddy. However, the canopy of the rainforest provides a welcoming shade. Along the way, there are two shallow streams to cross, and spreading abundantly across the footpath are the thousands of tree roots. At the entrance to the falls, one can hear the noisy call of the bellbird echoing throughout the forest.

  Over the years, the Forestry Division along with the Ministry of Tourism recognizing it’s potential as a natural attraction have fixed the muddy road and erected signs to make it more accessible to visitors. The area is part of the Matura National Park an Environmentally Sensitive Area declared by the E.M.A in 2004. The declaration is a positive step in protecting the environment and prohibits hunting and forest destruction. It is the responsibility of citizens to protect and preserve their environment by taking out their garbage. 

On Sunday, 1st March 2020 Island Hikers visit the Rio Seco Waterfall.

Rating: 3 Fair

Hiking time: 35 minutes suitable for children five years and up.

Assembly: 7 am at Corner of O'Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Bring along an extra change of clothing and footwear to be left in the vehicle.

Note life jackets provided, 

Cost of hike $60.00

For more information contact or Mario 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421