Madamas River Exploration

Exploration of the Madamas River

A river that is so farfetched yet mind-blowing is the Madamas. Its channel located in a region where there are no roads and isolated from human intervention approximately 14.5 km west of Matelot and 16 km east of Blanchisseuse. Its sources originate from undisturbed tributaries, which flow from the northern foothills of El Cerro Del Aripo, Brasso Seco and El Chiquero.

An exploration of the Madamas is filled with intense adventure and stunning beauty. There are countless pools to swim, some as long as a kilometre, giant boulders to climb, waterfalls to jump and spectacular gorges to swim. Upon reaching the coast at Madamas Bay the river loses its turbulence and slows down into a scenic lagoon. Madamas is a French word when translated means madam, and the name refers to its exquisite beauty and romantic ambience. The beach, which remains uninhabited, may have occasional campers and is a preferred nesting ground for the leatherback turtles.

Despite its magnificence, the exploration of the Madamas river is not for the faint-hearted or novice hiker since it can take 10-14 hours to complete a circuit of its channel from Brasso Seco. The exploration of the river involves being in the water for 6-8 hours. Further, it will take an additional 6 hours to hike back to Brasso Seco. 

On Saturday 7th April Fitness Walkers explore the Madamas River. For experienced and fit hikers estimated Hiking time 12-16 hours.

The expedition consists of 3 legs, which includes optional overnighting at Brasso Seco Village in order to have an early start.

Assembly: 4 am at Brasso Trace House for registration/breakfast 

Depart 5 am from Brasso Seco Village 

Leg1: hike to Madamas River from Brasso Seco {2 hrs}

Leg 2: exploration down the Madamas River to the Bay {4-6 hours}.

Leg 3: Hiking from Madamas Bay back to Brasso {4-6hours}.

Pre-registration required.

Suggested Items needed for the river expedition a lifejacket, torchlight, waterproof bag, refreshments and cell phone.

Note Personal Camping equipment tent etc, food, change of clothing,.


1. Those overnighting on Friday and Saturday night in Brasso Trace please bring your own meals (unless otherwise advised), sleeping gear, tent, utensils, plates and cup.

2. Registration & Breakfast 4 am Brasso Trace. Depart at 5 am sharp. 

Please note to save on critical time breakfast provided for hikers. All hikers must have a life jacket, torchlight and their cell phone in case of an emergency.

3. Fish Broth dinner provided on completion. 

4. Non-hikers are welcome to camp $160 or part of.

The Cost $220 or part of includes breakfast on Saturday morning $20, Dinner Saturday night $40, Hike fee $60, Overnight on Friday $50 & Overnight on Saturday $50. 

For more details please contact Mario 749-2956 or Jamal 761-1889 or